A therapeutic treatment developed from a Tibetan tradition of Ayurveda.

Using a combination of blended herbs, and compassionate presence to initiate a process designed to release negative effects of deeply stored stress and tension in the body and mind.

This treatment is carried out over 4 week intervals for 12 months.

 A therapeutic treatment developed from a Tibetan tradition of Ayurveda.

The age-accelerating effects of chronic stress is well studied and one of the secrets to anti ageing is the cultivation of inner peace which is continuously developed through the process of Amnanda. Amnanda helps to dissolve stress that is stored within the cells of the body so that regeneration and revitalisation on a physical and cellular level becomes possible.It also has a positive effect on our emotional and spiritual health.

Amnanda Therapy
Amnanda Therapy
Amnanda Therapy
Amnanda Therapy


The Amnanda Process takes 12 months to complete and consists of twelve oil treatments carried out once a month for a year. Each month a specific herbal oil is applied to the whole body with the sound of a Mantra that is played during treatment to evoke a sense of safety During the 12 month programme clients are encouraged to support the process through drinking two specifically formulated herbal teas which help to boost the immune system and hormonal functions. A tincture is also taken for two months during the process top help with th strengthening of the skin and connective tissues.

Adverse experiences that naturally occur throughout life can leave a negative imprint on a physical and emotional level. The Amndnada process helps to release stored tension of negative experiences through remodelling and release of stored stress and emotion from within our system. This release allows for a greater resilience to move through situations with more grace and ease. Some examples of those who may seek Amnanda Therapy: – You are at a crossroads in life. You want to change old patterns, are starting a new career. – Thinking of starting a family, parenting small children, beginning a new relationship, – Approaching retirement or changing your lifestyle. – You want to slow down the ageing process and enjoy good health late into life. – Your quality of life is affected by past injuries and you would like to boost your self-healing capability. – You have experienced grief and loss in life and would like to find peace – You feel blocked in your happiness by past experiences and want to find greater clarity in your goals for life. – You wish to be or become more relaxed and happy

We allow around 75 minutes and the application of the oil lasts around 30-40 minutes.

We apply the oil tool areas of the body including the breasts and the pelvis. During the treatment clients may or may not wear lower underwear depending on their comfortability.

We perceive information through our senses with touch being an extremely effective method of creating safety in the system. With billions of touch receptor cells in the body we can bypass language and be in direct communication with the nervous system allowing us to undo stress in the body through nurturing touch. According to Ayurveda, mental and physical tension leaves residual trace held within our cells tissue which negatively impact our health and ability to heal. Stress has a direct effect on the acidity of the gut microbiome which alters the PH levels which in turn alters the PH of other organs and can cause disharmony across all of the bodily systems.

Amnanda means “the path to joy” and this is at the heart of all Amnanda treatments and the spirit of Ayurveda. The Amnanda process helps to release trauma and stress on both a physical and emotional level and allow us to change the way we relate and connect in the world. Each treatment works successively at a deeper level of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level of a person. Healing begins from the first treatment. Every person's journey is unique but the goal is a renewed sense of self acceptance, enthusiasm for life, improved clarity and restored youthful vitality.

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So I got my frown lines done by Alex today. I wasn't expecting it to be a nice process but I was pleasantly surprised at what a big girl I was. And Alex, you were just great. I already feel at ease about coming back for my future top up appointments. You were so gentle and genuinely lovely. Massive thank you to you. xx

— Yasmin Spurgeon

Recently had my eyebrows done at Mae Cosmetics Clinic and I’m so impressed with them and cannot wait to have my top up next week. Danielle was extremely professional, explained everything and gave great aftercare advice. Thank you to both Danielle and Sasha

— Beth Louise

After having them over waxed I had to pencil them in which I hated doing! Now I have to do nothing to them! Danielle is so friendly and made me feel comfortable from the outset! Before the procedure she listened to what I wanted and directed me with her experience and knowledge.

— Zara Haynes

I had my brows done by the lovely Alex! Was an excellent experience from start to finish! looking forward to my next visit! Would highly recommend her for brows! Thankyou so much Alex!

— Michelle Lee Arterton Cobb

Had a meso vytal treatment a few days ago and I am in LOVE with the results! Contacted Danielle who was able to professionally recommend just what I needed.I would highly recommend this treatment. Thank you Mae Cosmetics xx

— Mae Sian

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