Hollowing under the eye is best treated with Dermal Fillers

Using dermal fillers that are made up of Hyaluronic Acid (A naturally occurring molecule) we can add hydration to the under eye. What we love about dermal fillers is it’s effective and instant results for plumping out hollowing under the eyes. Due to dermal fillers hydrophilic properties it makes it the perfect fit for adding volume and drawing in hydration for those that suffer with loss of volume in this area.

In a session you can expect to have up to 1ml of HA applied between both eyes. Usually one session is enough and can last clients on average between 8-18 months.

Dermal Fillers may not be the right fit if you suffer with puffiness, dark circles or lax skin….but we do have a solution for that!

For dark circles, puffiness or loss of skin elasticity under the eyes - we LOVE Lumi Eyes.

​Lumi eyes is the industry’s most effective under eye treatment for those who suffer predominantly with darkness, puffiness or lax skin under the eyes. This innovative new treatment uses polynucleotides (obtained from purified salmon milk DNA) that helps to repair damage to the tissue with its regenerative properties.

As a proven skin booster it helps to stimulate skin cells, collagen and elastin whilst delaying signs of ageing and strengthening the skin. It naturally improves the density and firmness of the skin whilst stimulating its own regeneration of cells.

Lumi Eyes consists of up to 3 sessions that are spaced 4 weeks apart for optimum results. Results can be seen within a few days after any swelling or bruising has subsided.

For dark circles, puffiness or loss of skin elasticity under the eyes - we LOVE Lumi Eyes.

We offer the most effective and innovative products to improve the appearance of under eye hollowing, dark circles and puffiness by using Hyaluronic Acid and Polynucleotides.

We use safe and effective methods to improve clients self-esteem by treating the under eyes, leaving clients feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and with the appearance of a great nights sleep!

​Our skilled technicians will assess your under eye concerns during your face to face consultation. This way we can provide our professional advice on which of our tear trough treatments is right for your concern.

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Under Eye Treatments
Under Eye Treatments
Under Eye Treatments
Under Eye Treatments
Under Eye Treatments
Under Eye Treatments
Under Eye Treatments
Under Eye Treatments
Under Eye Treatments
Under Eye Treatments


We apply a topical numbing agent to help relieve discomfort for clients. When we apply dermal fillers under the eyes we use a cannula method. This means that there is no needling performed under they eye. Instead we use a maximum of 4 incisions in total. Cannulas makes the treatment more comfortable for clients whilst minimising risks of bruising or other dermal filler related complications. When we inject Lumi Eyes we use an extremely small needle that is roughly 3cm in length. The product is injected directly under the eye. Minimal bruising and swelling can occur. Clients should expect to see small bubbles of product just under the surface of the skin which naturally disperse.

The dermal filler we use tends to last around 8-18 months. Its variable from person to person and includes different factors like the clients lifestyle and metabolism. With Lumi eyes clients should repeat the treatment 2/3 times over a three month period and then again in around 6 months time to stay on top of the appearance. As Lumi Eyes is not a dermal filler but uses skin boosting properties it may break down faster than a dermal filler.

We use Teosyal Redensity 2 for tear trough enhancement as we love the soft hydration that it provides with clients.

From The People

So I got my frown lines done by Alex today. I wasn't expecting it to be a nice process but I was pleasantly surprised at what a big girl I was. And Alex, you were just great. I already feel at ease about coming back for my future top up appointments. You were so gentle and genuinely lovely. Massive thank you to you. xx

— Yasmin Spurgeon

Recently had my eyebrows done at Mae Cosmetics Clinic and I’m so impressed with them and cannot wait to have my top up next week. Danielle was extremely professional, explained everything and gave great aftercare advice. Thank you to both Danielle and Sasha

— Beth Louise

After having them over waxed I had to pencil them in which I hated doing! Now I have to do nothing to them! Danielle is so friendly and made me feel comfortable from the outset! Before the procedure she listened to what I wanted and directed me with her experience and knowledge.

— Zara Haynes

I had my brows done by the lovely Alex! Was an excellent experience from start to finish! looking forward to my next visit! Would highly recommend her for brows! Thankyou so much Alex!

— Michelle Lee Arterton Cobb

Had a meso vytal treatment a few days ago and I am in LOVE with the results! Contacted Danielle who was able to professionally recommend just what I needed.I would highly recommend this treatment. Thank you Mae Cosmetics xx

— Mae Sian

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